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Building Permit Selection Menu

Please note certain inspections will be conducted virtually.
When entering your inspection request You must enter a contact name and telephone number.
Your assigned inspector will be contacting you with specific instructions about the inspection.

Effective July 22nd, 2004, the web application has been changed as follows:
The option to cancel inspections from today's route has been modified
to allow cancellation from 6:00 am to 8:00 am only

Please make one selection, enter the required information (shown in bold lettering) and
click the Submit button or press the Tab key and then press Enter.

Permit Inspection Request (Permit Number)
Cancel Inspections Requested Today (Permit Number)
Cancel Inspections from Today's Route (Permit Number)
Permit Inspection History (Permit Number)
Request Fire Inspection/History (Permit or Fire Municipal Number)
Permit History Inquiry (Permit Number)
Master Subsidiary Permit Cross-Reference (Permit Number)
Permit Fees (Process Number)
Permit Application History (Process Number)
Process/Permit Number Cross-Reference (Address)
Open Master Permits (Address)
Contractor Permit Inquiry (C or T followed by Contractor or Qualifier No.)
Permit Inspection Holds (Permit Number)
Permit Outstanding Requirements (Permit Number)
Permit Project Status (Permit Number)
Open Permits by Folio (Folio Number)

Enter required information here:

For Address Format click here

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